Tonight’s Specials

C ST Bistro’s menu changes DAILY, depending on the availability of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

For the new year (2016) we will start sharing the chef’s notes on Thursday–Saturday special dinner entrees on Instagram. Below is our Winter 2015-2016 menu, which shows our regular dinner menu items with the selection of Fresh Market Fish of the Day, Fresh Red Meat of the Day, and Specialty Pork or Poultry available last winter. Follow us on Instagram or check out our C ST Bistro Photos page to view this evening’s specials!

Get the best information about today’s menu by calling us at 541-261-7638



It’s important to know that our dinner menu is subject to change daily since the items on our dinner menu are subject to availability and pricing of today’s freshest ingredients. Our online dinner menu and wine list serve as an example only. The chefs upload daily specials and menu changes to Instagram – please check our C ST Bistro Photos page, Instagram, or call us at 541-261-7638 for questions about tonight’s special entrées.

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